Charron Human Resources Inc. (CHR) 

Charron Human Resources Inc. (CHR) engages a team of professionals from the disciplines of law, government, psychology, mediation, investigation (including criminal investigation), health and safety, education and communications, experienced in the analysis of complex workplace issues and committed to facilitating the restoration of workplace relationships.

Our consultants communicate with senior public servants, executives in the private sector, labour relations professionals, union representatives, and legal professionals. The nature of its work as well as the level and positions of clients requires superior communication skills, complete confidentiality, and the highest level of sensitivity.

CHR has provided interventions for federal departments and agencies, crown corporations, provincial departments, provincial organizations, and the private sector.

CHR consultants are all fully trained and experienced to investigate occurrences reported under the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations (last amended 01 January 2021).

CHR provides services in both official languages (English and French).