Federal and provincial legislation demands that employers take employee complaints of harassment and violence seriously and investigate allegations of harassment and violence in a timely and appropriate manner.

CHR's administrative investigations comply fully with the concept of procedural fairness, applicable Human Rights and Privacy legislation, Labour Law, Employment Standards and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.

CHR has conducted administrative investigations in the Greater Ottawa area and the rest of Canada dealing with:

  • Abuse of Authority; 
  • Breach of conduct;
  • Bullying;
  • Harassment;
  • Human Rights violations; and
  • Workplace Violence.

CHR investigation service includes:

  • Thorough interviews
  • Exhaustive study of the relevant issues
  • Comprehensive reports including the context of the conflict, allegation by allegation review, and conclusions;
  • An internal review process; 
  • An infrastructure designed to support the investigation, including meeting rooms, and administrative support services; and
  • Debrief with Delegated Manager or Organizational representatives to review findings and conclusions if required.

Administrative Investigations