CHR course leaders approach the sensitive issues of workplace harassment and violence with warmth and a genuine concern for all participants. We use humour and real life examples to capture the interest of participants. We pride ourselves on being authentic and we focus on the learners needs. Our approach is highly interactive with significant dialogue, guided discussion case studies, and group work. 

CHR course leaders and facilitators are not offended, shocked or defensive at any remark made by the learner. If learners need to take a position our course leaders provide an appropriate forum, acknowledging their right to have different opinions and finding methods to move stalled discussions forward. 
CHR course leaders and facilitators have successfully managed extremely sensitive in-class situations that can occur when training touches on values and attitudes.

Our goal is to ensure that every person in the learning environment feels heard and leaves with heightened awareness concerning the central themes of the learning experience. It is important to us that after the learning experience participants feel willing and able to meet their employer’s standards for workplace behaviour.

Workshops include discussions about appropriate conduct, reprisals, whistle blowing, working in a "poisoned" and "toxic" workplace, and providing accommodations in the workplace.

Harassment and Violence: Prevention and Awareness