Jeremy (Jez) Fletcher

Deborah Jelly

​CHR engages a team of professionals from the disciplines of law, government, psychology, mediation, investigation, health and safety, education and communication, who are experienced in the analysis of complex workplace issues and committed to restoring workplace relationships.

CHR's independent consultants have a wide variety of experience and background. All consultants have participated in and successfully completed CHR Investigator training.

CHR's consultants possess strong communication and interpersonal relationship skills that allows them to gain the confidence of workplace participants.

Our Team

Ms. ​Annabelle Quevillon, the Manager of Corporate Services, joined the CHR team after graduating with honours (magna cum laude) from Laurentian University in Business Administration.

Annabelle is responsible for day-to-day administration of the CHR office and is a critical member of the CHR team, liaising with all clients and tracking all projects. Annabelle interacts with all consultants and all clients, managing all interactions with respect and diplomacy. 

Annabelle works in both official languages.


Mr. Jeremy (Jez) Fletcher had a career in policing in the UK followed by international development experience in Asia and Africa. 

Jez joined the CHR team in 2013 and investigates harassment and Breach of Conduct.

Jez contributes to workplace wellness using his extensive experience as an interviewer to understand the human interactions leading to complaints.

Annabelle Quevillon

​​​Monique Lacroix-Labelle

Bruce Quevillon

Ms. Monique Lacroix-Labelle completed a career of 35 plus years with the Government of Canada before joining CHR as an investigator.

Monique served as a Senior Executive in Human Resources and Senior Manager in Labour Relations of 2 decades and advised senior managers across the government before she retired. 

Monique brings extensive experience to her analysis of complex workplace situations. 

Monique is fluently bilingual and works in both official languages. 

Mr. Bruce Quevillon is a  former member of the Ontario Provincial Police, Bruce Quevillon brings over 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement to his position as a consultant for CHR.

Bruce conducts investigations into complaints of harassment and violence. Bruce contributes to workplace wellness using his extensive experience as an interviewer to understand the human interactions leading to complaints. Bruce possesses an excellent working knowledge of Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Statues.

Bruce works in both official languages.

Ms. Deborah Jelly is the Managing Director of CHR.  Deborah liaises with clients, develops standards, recruits consultants, and provides leadership to the CHR team of consultants. Deborah has extensive experience in the analysis and resolution of complex workplace disputes as well as the development and delivery of related training.

Deborah possesses a sound understanding of process and legislation which informs her work. Sought after by clients, Deborah has spent over twenty years contributing to fair workplace practices; developing and implementing policy, communication strategies, and staff development programs at the organizational level.

Deborah is respected for her insights into workplace dissatisfaction and conflict; her understanding of the legislation informing relevant policy; her coaching and support of leaders; and her forecasts concerning the impact of policy changes, and implementation of decisions in cases of workplace conflict and harassment. 

Deborah works in both official languages.

Diane Redtman

Ms. Diane Redtman provides coordination of all interviews conducted by CHR investigators. 

Diane initiates contact with the parties and witnesses to arrange their interviews. Diane sends every person interviewed a summary of their discussion for review and correction as needed tracking the delivery and return of each interview. 

Diane works in both official languages.