​​CHR course leaders have acquired extensive experience developing and delivering harassment and violence prevention/ training to leaders at every level. We have learned in the course of our work that most workplace disputes could have been prevented or resolved at a much earlier stage. One common problem is that leaders have not been equipped with an awareness of their responsibility, the skills for successful intervention, or the strategies for negotiating change that situations of conflict demand.

We know that the nature of the training (addressing values and attitudes) can make participants very uncomfortable. CHR’s course leaders know that compliance training can be perceived as a threat by some employees. Our course leaders are very skilled at helping learners accept the information as useful and empowering.

CHR training and workshops provide managers and supervisors with information about their organization's definition of harassment and/or violence and explain the leader’s role in the prevention and resolution of all forms of workplace conflict.

Human Resource and Employee Relations professionals are engaged in developing a comprehensive understanding of the Legislative Framework affecting an employer’s responsibility for worker safety including the prevention and resolution of workplace harassment and violence.

Workshops for Managers, Supervisors, and Human Resources