Charron Human Resources Inc. (CHR) 

CHR consultants are committed to  successful employee/employer relationships. We facilitate this evolution by providing realistic solutions for the interpersonal challenges occurring  when people from all walks of life come together to achieve an organization’s goals.   

Our Approach

Workplace conflict can polarize the workforce and paralyze decision makers. CHR interventions respect the rights and support the responsibilities of all parties to a conflict. Successful intervention in workplace conflict depends on an understanding of the culture and respect for all constituents. We provide realistic, comprehensive solutions to situations of conflict with an interest in building on-going relations with the client.

We will support your personnel in building productive and sustainable workplace relationships.

Charron Human Resources Inc. (CHR) consultants specialize in employer compliance with the laws that contribute to fair workplace practices and in the resolution of Workplace Conflict, Harassment and Violence. Our clients include organizations of every size,  public and private across Canada. We provide services that help employers prevent and resolve workplace harassment, conflict and violence.

CHR also provides interventions in workplace situations that have become unmanageable, providing assessments of the factors which have led to the problem. In addition to providing interventions in situations of workplace conflict, harassment and violence, CHR consultants are mediators and trainers. They explain legislation, review policy and procedure, and train HR and LR Professionals, managers, supervisors, employees and union representatives. 
Since 1996, CHR has provided related training to thousands of workers.

Our Mission and Vision