Professional Support


​In situations of emerging conflict employers can avoid a crisis by involving external resources who can consider workplace situations without the encumbrance of personal involvement in the situation or the history of the efforts at resolution. CHR offers the following brief but effective interventions:

When an employer is concerned as to whether or not they have acted in compliance with legislation, CHR can review files and make recommendations.

When leaders realize their employees are bogged down in a dispute that is resisting resolution, CHR consultants can facilitate an analysis and intervention. Our intervention helps leaders develop new insights that contribute to the development of a solution and will equip the leader with skills and strategies for the future.

Workplace legislation and policy demands that the employer respond to workers disclosure of limitations caused by personal conditions, including chronic and progressive illness, as well as a variety of mental health conditions, by providing an accommodation, In most workplaces supervisors lack the skills and experience to navigate the maze of complex and sensitive communications required to ensure the employer is compliant with the law. 

In addition changing demographics and an aging workforce will place an increased demand on employers to accommodate employees’ disabilities, family needs and desire to work on a less than full time basis.

CHR consultants help employers determine how to respond to situations in a manner that will meet operational goals and will not offend the duty to accommodate.

Legislation expects employers to carry out risk assessment and then plan a program for violence prevention including training and complaint processes. CHR can facilitate the development of that planning. We can also provide relevant training to organizations representative (see Training).

Developing policy and complaint processes and delivering training is not a one-time consideration, but an on-going obligation that employers must plan.